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Wearable, liveable, believable hair.

appointment only.

Just for you and your hair. We want to get to know you and ensure that what you want is what we do. 


Color appointment times are reserved just for you and your artist. We're a fan of giving you the highest level of care and attention to what we are creating (no sharing your artists' time).

Your credit card information will be required to simply hold your appointment. You will not be charged until after your service.

You are required to create a new (special just for The Beige Label) MINDBODY login and account. 

Hair extensions – we love 'em, but can't deliver our signature tones and blends with them in. Please ensure they are completely removed from your hair prior to your service.



We don’t double book — ever.

Our hair and chair time with you is reserved for a one-on-one salon experience. We value our time with you more than anything and appreciate your respect for our stylists’ time, too! We require a minimum 48-hour notice to cancel or reschedule any appointment. Your time is precious, so is ours — so let’s help each other make the most of it by following our cancellation policy.



Have questions, specific goals, or want to meet with us before requesting?

First, peep our F.A.Q. incase we can answer it for you already. Otherwise, book a consultation so we can explain what we do and why we do it. All consultations are a flat rate fee of $60 (required for all color corrections or clients with a specific goal in mind).