our cancellation policy

Your appointment is just for you. We don’t double book — ever. As our chairs and time are reserved for a one-on-one salon experience, all bookings must be guaranteed with a valid credit card and expiry date. We require a minimum 48-hour notice to cancel or reschedule any appointment. 

Your time is precious, so is ours — so let’s help each other make the most of it by following our cancellation policy:

Less than 48 hours

50% charge

Missed appointment

100% charge

Declined credit card

no future bookings will be valid until all fees have been accounted for

Cancellations sent after 6 PM via text or email will be deemed to have been received the next business day and will fall under our cancellation policy. 

Missed appointments will be charged the full cost of the service reserved. Based on the circumstance, the salon may choose to credit 50% of the charge toward a future booking. The proceeds collected under this policy go directly to compensate our stylists who have lost income due to the cancellation. This is not intended as a punitive policy but rather one of restoration.

Late arrivals (over 15 minutes) may need to be rescheduled and will fall under our cancellation policy. In other words, don't be late so we can spend the most time with you as possible! 

We value our time with you more than anything and appreciate your respect for our stylists’ time.


The Beige Label team